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DoneDoc Medical Transcription Service is a leading provider of Medical Transcription Services and Health Information management system. We provide accurate efficient and cost effective transcription services in addition to a wide array of Information Management System for the HealthCare community. We are experienced and equipped to meet your transcription and information management needs.

DoneDoc is committed to provide you with the highest degree of accuracy (over 97%), stellar efficiency (less than 24 hour turnaround), and cost effective solutions(proven to alleviate costs by as much as 30%) . Users of our application have touted about their ability to increase patient case loads by as much as 35% due to the effectiveness of our service and the innovate features we offer.

DoneDoc’s unique approach has attracted a lot of energized doctors who has been looking for maximum return for the money they invested in giving the transcription work out side of their office. Most of these doctors are very glad that they are saving over 30% of their transcription expense and in their surprise, they have increased over 20-30% patient load due to quick turnaround provided by us to them. Their confidence grew dramatically when they came to know that Proof Reading is done by specialized doctors in their fields. As a result of employing specialized experts in this field, the dictation accuracy has exceeded over 96%.

Our System is currently used by New York University Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital and Private doctors. These doctors send our transcribed letters to over 500 doctors in the Metropolitan of New York every day. As we are system experts, We have developed a system for one of the Presbyterian hospital in the Metropolitan area.


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